Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist came to yoga class. He was looking for breathing and meditation techniques that would help him sleep. After several sessions he complained that the techniques were not working. "Of course not," I said, "You've spent a lifetime espousing a way of thinking and now you want to use the same kind of thinking to solve the problem created by this thinking in the first place. Yoga is just a window dressing for your house of beliefs. What you really want to do is take some drugs because that is what you've been prescribing for your patients these many years. In your heart you know that the drugs just mask the problem. But your way isn't to listen to the heart. Your way is to listen to the mind. And the smarter a person is the more the mind has the edge. You're a very smart man. But your soul is dumb. And even in its dumb state your soul speaks out in protest creating this background noise that keeps you from sleeping.
Yoga isn't the quick fix you want it to be so you're ready to move on. Move on, please by all means, move on. Because you're wasting everybody's time coming here. Or stay and do the work. Makes no difference to me. But it will make a huge difference to you. Your choice."
Last I heard this poor man was in the hospital for surgery to remove a large cancer from his colon. I pray for his recovery.

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