Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hating Nature

Across the street the neighbor has called a "lawn-care" service to come and spray poison on the lawn. We smell it all day long and into the night. Grubs! What could be more horrible than grubs? Certainly not human stupidity.
Last year I climbed the 80' tower from the inside working my way up a system of ladders I installed over the years for maintenance purposes. The pigeons had pushed their way through the wire mesh and gotten inside. A noisy group of starlings had followed making life hard enough for the pigeons to have left. The starlings had built a nest inside the window frame where a loose louver gave them a good purchase.
I confess to having no great love for this sparrow imported from England over a century and a half ago to take care of the horse manure. But seeing their nest with the little chicks made me stop for a moment if only out of  respect for the tenacity for life these repugnant birds have. An adult landed on the sill with one of those big lawn grubs in its mouth and the chicks tore at it fiercely. It was gone in a second. The adult flew away. A short while later another adult came with another grub repeating the process. I decided to leave the nest alone until after the chicks had matured and left the nest.
Now I notice my next door neighbor is also spraying poison on his lawn; this time it's an herbicide. It's like nobody reads a paper or is exposed to any of the prevalent data regarding these chemicals they are so freely spreading around. The neighbor across the street developed cancer a few years ago. You might have supposed that would have prompted some kind of examination on his part. He's died since but his wife carries on the tradition.
Aha! What an analogy for our civilization. Our life-hating, suicidal civilization. In the words of Jacques Fresco, "This shit has got to go."

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