Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Art Exhibit

The "Artist known as Spirit" had an exhibition. He did a series of paintings in different styles but with consistent themes. Large highly detailed landscapes in the Hudson River School style hung alongside metallic plastered images of Tantric symbols. Symmetrically proportioned female faces stared out at the viewer from abstract backgrounds. Fifty of these paintings were mounted on a 30ft. tall wooden frame in a field beside the Hudson River.
The event was called the Burning Tower of Art. The whole assemblage was torched and burned to ash. The ash was gathered into mason jars and the jars placed on a white shelf in a gallery. A video of the entire event was looped onto a screen adjacent to the jars. The exhibit was titled, "Is It Art Yet?"
The most recent sale of this artist's work was for $7200. Multiplied by fifty, the cost of the art burned was conceivably $360,000. But that was before it became real "Art". The selling price of the exhibit was kept confidential.
After the exhibit was sold, the "Artist known as Spirit" did a reversal of the path of Jeff Koons and became a commodities broker. He became extremely rich. He spent his entire fortune buying the artwork of Koons and his peers. He then had a second Burning Tower of Art event. This event was a violation of several laws and the "Artist known as Spirit" fled the country to Brazil (taking the ash-filled mason jars with him) where he now resides, giving free art lessons in poor neighborhoods. The whereabouts of the mason jars remains unknown.

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