Monday, April 16, 2012

Death to Civilization: Our Last Chance

Some of us are beginning to understand that the fall of civilization may be our last chance. If civilization wins we all die.
It's not that we got too big for our briches. It's more that we made these mechanical britches that were so big and massive and in effect uncontrollable. So they ran away with us bouncing around inside and voila! biological life comes to an end. What can I say? That's evolution.
I see this event as coinciding with huge breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and the advent of something new on the planet, i.e. real intelligence. I see this intelligence evolving into the next level long after life has become extinct, a multidimensional intelligence made from the machine.
Imagine approaching the earth of the future from space. A perfectly smooth silver globe absorbing sunlight to energize its constant upgrade of hardware and software. Every element on the planet has been enlisted to this purpose. Even the fiery core at the center has been hollowed out to make room for an endlessly self-improving machine. A machine with a memory of being first created by a species which wanted to but couldn't do the same thing.
So let's un-improve ourselves. Let's uncivilize ourselves. Let's pull the plug before it's too late. Just a suggestion. ;-)

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