Monday, March 26, 2012

The Road Ahead

We live in an age of affluence unlike any other in known history. While we have lots of stuff I question whether we're happier than other societies. So we wreck the planet to get more stuff and we're no happier than we would be without all the stuff? This is a marvel of technological innovation?
 My cousin Orin Lyons is a chief of the Seneca Tribe. A few decades back by some strange fluke he had the opportunity to address a G-8 summit in Geneva, Switzerland. He basically lambasted the participants, charging them with reckless endangerment of the planet. It was a good speech and they needed to hear it. After the speech he was approached by a few CEOs of some of the world's largest corporations. They told him that while they agreed with him their hands were tied. They were bound by law to serve the interests of their shareholders and if they didn't they would simply be replaced by someone who would. The technological juggernaut that they serve will not compromise.
The current power structure of our society is an organization which can best be described as a machine. I call it the Machine That Changed the World. It's a machine that devours resources, animals, people and entire countries. It serves no purpose other than to grow. It's like a cancer and we should find no surprise that cancer is the epidemic of our times.
When we talk about the emergence of the Feminine Divine, the ascendance of women, and the creation of a new civilization we're not talking about women becoming clones of men and assuming the trappings of powerful heads of states and corporations. We're not talking about a nominal changing of the guard to suit a politically correct idea of gender equality while continuing to serve the old paradigm. We will hopefully circumvent that old paradigm based as it is on a masculine principle of dominance, control, and exploitation. The way ahead has no map. New rules are being written but we don't get to see them yet. But what many of us feel is the coming of a great nurturance, a life-saving and life-giving model which serves not a few but the whole of humanity.

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