Friday, March 23, 2012

Preparing for a Post-Petroleum World

The deck is now stacked against us. The collapse will be as swift as it is inevitable. Our grandiose, technologically glib civilization is going down. Anyone can disagree, call me a dooms-dayer, whatever, it doesn't change the facts. The question is: Who's got a life jacket? And what does it look like?
These Armageddons have been predicted for millennia by everyone from Nostradamus to Christian evangelicals.  But this time we've really tipped the scales in favor of the end-times prognostication. It's not just the changing weather patterns. Anyone with a shred of intuition feels the change coming. Change is after all what this universe is all about. I'm going to suggest that if you're reading this that you prepare yourself. Most people are going to be swept up in the coming changes responding with fear and negative emotions. Through a regimen of meditation and yoga a perspective can be achieved which will liberate us allowing us to stand outside all cataclysmic events and to tune it to a higher power. If your soul hasn't communicated the need to do this then you're probably not listening. Making a bunker and hoarding weapons and food won't cut it. Looking deeply within and finding your true strength will.


  1. Good post but it seems that "future preparations" suggestions focus on either the tangible or the intangible....the internal or the external. I think more balance is needed. We are physical as well as spiritual beings. Our bodies need food, water, and shelter. How will we meet these needs when the systems in place unravel. Is it prudent, on the most fundamental level, to assume that all humanity is at a high level of consciousness and physical defense is a non-issue? My point is that the change will be multifaceted and our responses must take that into account.

    1. Good point. The change will indeed be multifaceted. In aviation it's called "crabbing". You alter your course to adjust for crosswinds. I'm "crabbing" for a better humanity hoping that higher expectations may help us arrive at out destination safely. Physical defense is important. Even more important is knowing when to use it.