Saturday, March 24, 2012

A New Civilization

Who would really be distressed to see the demise of our so-called civilization? Leaf-blowers instead of rakes, snowblowers instead of shovels, suburbia instead of community, testing instead of education, jobs instead of vocations, pharmaceuticals instead of mental health, fad diets instead of healthy foods, plastic surgery instead of graceful aging, endless war instead of peace, etc, ad nauseum. Make up your own list. Who's going to miss this?
I've often commented that the old civilization must go before the ground can be cleared to create the new. The new will come from the "seed people". Just as in the fall the leaves turn and fall to the the ground so the world's current population will go. But every tree produces seeds. Most of those seeds to be sure don't make it. Some get a brief foothold in the spring but then quickly die for a number of reasons. But the few that do make it start a whole new tree. My hope is that the cancerous, misshapen tree of today will be replaced by a beautiful, elegant tree of tomorrow. My hope is that humanity will continue on its trek through time considerably chastened by the results of its current lunacy but inspired by the successes we've had so far in making the world a more beautiful place.

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