Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be A Human Being

It's not politics. It's morality. It's not possible to find abhorrent the "kill list" and the collateral damage, the night raids and the desecrations, the video game controllers that do actual killing, the war, the war, the endless war, the killing that just goes on and on and which is perpetrated by our government, it is not possible to be appalled at the violence and then to vote for the persons who are the agents of this violence. If you're against these wars then your vote says you're for them. Vote Republican. You're for more wars. Vote Democrat. You're for more wars.

This talk of reform from within is hollow and full of sad desperate illusions. We have a long line of war criminals stretching back to Nuremberg where the firebombing victors pronounced the Nazis "war criminals", and the United States was a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Right after Truman had radioactively incinerated a few hundred thousand civilians.

Clinton may have exceeded Bush in war criminality when he bombed Iraqi infrastructure, water supplies and sewage treatment facilities, creating a cholera epidemic that killed 500,000 children. Is it really possible to fall for that lesser of two evils line?

Politics may be about compromise. But this is not politics. This is time to chose, to shake off the moral confusion. To raise your voice against the violence, not to vote for it. Your participation in the system feeds it. Stop feeding it. Step outside the system and speak against it. Become what morality compels you to do, requires of you. Become an enemy of the status quo. Be a human being.

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