Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Becoming Heavenly

In the afterlife, Congre met some people that he had had dramas with while in the material plane. He first met Filaw, his brother, who said to him, "Well met, my brother, shall we raid heaven for the best girls?" to which Congre replied, "I'm not even sure we can do that kind of thing in the afterlife."

Filaw laughed and laughed. "You're always so complicated, Congre. Of course we can. This is heaven. We get to do what we want."
Congre said, "I'm sure there are rules."
"Show me," said Filaw, "where the rules are?"
This had Congre befuddled and he wandered off to his brother's jeers and admonitions, Filaw calling, "Congre, you partay-poop. Get an afterlife, Congre. No time like infinity."

So Congre walked a golden path for awhile which led to a forest of beautiful jewel encrusted trees. There he encountered a woman he had once had a passionate love affair with. She was resplendent in the bloom of her youth. She was beautiful. Congre remembered the scent of her flesh, the touch of her hand, the caress of her lips. He felt a rush of emotion and longed to embrace her.

"Is this really heaven," he asked, "Can we actually have anything we want?"
She laughed, "Oh Congre," she said, "You always wanted to fool yourself, so go ahead, fool yourself some more." Her words stopped him. Congre's thoughts suddenly became still. He was filled with wonder at the products of his senses. He saw the dancing illusion. And he was very, very still.

He stayed still for many minutes. Gradually his mind returned. He heard it approaching like a chattering imbecile coming up the road. He closed his eyes and focused at a point between his brows. "I've got to get to heaven," he thought over and over.

Several minutes passed. Congre opened his eyes, "Is this really heaven? he asked the beautiful girl.
She smiled and said, "Occasionally."He gazed into her lovely eyes and knew it was not for him.

Congre rose. He bid her farewell and walked through the forest onto a vast plain with a majestic city. He entered the city and found old associates, men and women he had worked with and collaborated with to make their fortunes.

"You see, Congre" they said to him, "We are rich in heaven too. You were wrong when you said we couldn't take it with us. Just look how splendidly we live here. Truly this is heaven." And they all laughed. Congre laughed too. He saw the absurdity of the whole thing.

They invited him for dinner. There would be dancing girls, they told him. But Congre gave them his sad eyes and said, "Know my brothers and sisters that I bear you no false sentiment nor do I pass judgement on what you are doing. But this is not my place. This is not heaven for me."

He bade them goodbye and passed out into the night. He walked the quiet streets for hours. As he was passing a doorway he heard a mewling noise. He looked closer and there was an emaciated child shivering under a thin blanket. The child's eyes opened wide with fear as Congre approached.
"Do not fear," said Congre as he effortlessly and gently lifted the child, "For we are in heaven now."

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