Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Simple Preparation for Post-civilization Society

The moon has a lot of people behaving crazily. But the most prevalent phenomenon is that mixture of anxiety and depression that's affecting so many. These are strange times. It's like we're all awaiting the arrival of an alien spaceship or Jesus or the end of civilization. I'm for the end of civilization scenario myself. While I think blowing up dams and power plants is a good idea, I'm really more of an armchair civilization destroyer than someone who is committed to doing the real work of saving the planet. After all, here I am typing on a computer.
I know I'm not the only one who senses the changes in the vibrational tone of this world we live on. This is 2012. This is what the "Great Change" looks like. On the surface everything seems copasetic but there's this seething caldron of energy that has been tipped over the planet. Before very long we'll see more striking evidence of climate change. We'll also see a reckoning for the looter class that has been stealing on such a grand scale. And while I say that blood will flow I also know that history isn't always on the side of the fair and the good. I do know that our chances of survival in a post-civilization society will be hugely predicated on how many friends we have and how well we get along with people. So as the world goes crazy it's important to remember to keep a smile on your face and a sharp eye out for the next person you can call friend.

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